Custom Software Development & Ruggedized Systems Integration for Manufacturing

H&B Packing / Waco, Texas

Creating an Inventory & Raw Goods Payables System

The manufacturing process at H&B Packing involves hot spray washes, industrial machinery and heavy activity. Any computer equipment installed in the processing department is at risk for damage from the rugged environment, including direct spray-down during cleanup. The requirements called for top of the line, industrial-grade computers which could withstand physical drops and moisture.

DSTS built an inventory and raw goods payables application from the ground up to automate H&B’s entire manufacturing process. The application had to track detailed information throughout the plant, be simple to use, and fit H&B’s manufacturing process precisely. The application also had to integrate with their accounting software to sync vendor information and payables entries.

For the factory floor, DSTS integrated the application with the Panasonic Toughbook series of equipment, which conforms to the tough IP65 and MIL-STD-810G standards.

After the initial system was up and running H&B’s needs focused on a system to coordinate shipments, track inventory, and ensure compliance for distribution to a grocery chain with stores across Texas and Mexico. DSTS reviewed the requirements and needs to coordinate H&B’s distrubition deal. In addition to new custom software and ruggedized computer equipment, this project required specialized scale and barcode printing equipment and specialized barcode scanning equipment.

IT Application Services Provided for H&B Packing

Information Technology Services Provided for H&B

  • Data Center Management
  • Network Infrastructure Design & Integration
  • Cost Reduction Reports
  • Fully Outsourced IT Solution

Creating a Custom Compliant Distribution System

H&B required a special, vendor-specific distribution management system created. DSTS rapidly developed the appropriate software systems and integrations and then began the process of equipment selection and integration. DSTS started the process with interviews of industrial scale vendors in the state of Texas and found an equipment provider to meet the needs to the job, Bastrop Scale Company.
For the ruggedized barcode scanning requirements, DSTS sourced wireless, industrial-grade barcode scanners through its partnership with Motorola Symbol which can operate in the harshest conditions and use fuzzy logic to scan hard-to-read barcodes at far distances.The scale equipment, labeling equipment, and the custom scale program were ready to be implemented into the process.

With all pieces in place and integrations completed, H&B’s new vendor-specific inventory and tracking system was ready to go. After rigorous system testing and user acceptance testing, the integrated system was deployed and has been in operational in production since 2008. All is running smoothly and distribution is right on track at H&B Packing.
DSTS developed a custom system to coordinate shipments, track inventory, and ensure compliance for distribution to a grocery chain with stores across Texas and Mexico.
Industrial-grade Symbol barcode scanners which can operate in the harshest conditions.