Same-Day Onsite IT Services Coverage Area

Waco, Temple/Killeen, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Rural Texas

Data Systems Technology Solutions delivers same-day onsite IT services throughout Central Texas, including Waco, Temple/Killeen/Belton, the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and many rural, underserved areas throughout Texas.

IT Infrastructure Installation, Integration, and Support Coverage Area

We routinely perform unified communications, security, data center, and other installations & integrations throughout the souther region of the United States.

The general coverage area for infrastructure installations appears in blue in the map above.

Business Software Development & Integration Coverage Area

Data Systems Technology Solutions offers information management software solutions and integrations for many different markets, and we have domain expertise in manufacturing, healthcare, and finance sectors. These solutions are offered independent of location. If the software depends on integration with systems (such as specialized mobile devices, barcode/RFID scanners, ruggedized equipment, etc), we will prepare the integrations in-house and the team can travel to perform the installation (or subcontracting the physical install is a possibility, depending on complexity).

Information Technology Onsite Services Coverage Area

With today’s remote management capabilities, IT Services don’t always need an onsite component, but there are invariably times when equipment goes down and an onsite technical presence is necessary. For these reasons, we have established coverage areas where we can guarantee same-day expedited onsite service and next-day expedited onsite service (see above).